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Text Box: All aspects of risk management: 

process design and enhancement, advice, training services and risk workshop facilitation. #

Implementing ISO 31000:2009
Text Box: R!sk Management
Text Box: How good are you at managing risk?

Personalised review of your organization's current ability to manage risk
Identification of potential improvements
Text Box: Asset Management
Text Box: The “Cradle to grave” management of physical assets and their optimal management.  

Implementing or benchmarking with PAS55  
Text Box: R!sk Management Health Check

The R!sk Matters’ principle is to offer simple and sound advice to help you to achieve your objectives. We will give you advice, approaches, tools and techniques appropriate to your organisation and your needs to enhance processes, systems and develop people to be more risk aware and effective.


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Text Box: Value, creativity and culture change

Learn how to drive Value and be more efficient without losing out on your objectives or causing operational issues
Text Box: Value Management
Text Box: Tailored courses for you
Risk Management
Asset Management
Project Management
People skills
Value Management
Train the trainer
Text Box: Training Courses
Text Box: Predictive tools for forecasting asset failure

Expert elicitation

Asset life profiling
Text Box: Failure Forecasting

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because risk matters

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r!sk matters


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Work on a specific task or project
Solve a problem
Enhance an existing system
Critique a process and   recommend  improvements 
Develop and implement a risk process
Analyse risk

How we can help you
On a fixed term placement either to work with your team or as short term temporary staff
To undertake a project
Train your team
Coaching individuals
One day a month over a 1 or 2 year period to improve the risk management culture